North-Western Mapping Center: the Art of Intelligent Mapping. Since 1989.

Detailed geospatial data for northwest Russian urban areas Mass transit systems GIA and cartographic support Historical maps digital recovery and restoration Regional maps contain basic layers and plenties of thematic POI and data Office wall maps are usually published at high scales

Story of the independent cartographer

The North-West Mapping Center is a small business expert in the area of geographical, geospatial information and cartography, constantly developing and flexible to offer our customers the widest and most modern range of specialized products and services. Our office and workshop is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia since the establishment of the very first core team.

Beginning of our story dates back to 1989 when several members of the future team had started commercial mapping as a part of a producers' co-operative in the Saint Petersburg (then Leningrad) State University, shortly further converted to a standalone business. It had become one of the very first independent cartography producers in the still deeply state-monopolized map industry.

For a decade the further “Novoye Vremya” (New Age) cartographic publishers continued keeping leading positions in traditional industry in the large industrial and tourist region populated with over 10 million of inhabitants. We pioneered in offering our customers the European approach to map contents and high quality printing. Our summarized runs during the heyday of the traditional cartography exceeded few million copies – including different license-based publications by partners.

The new corporate body (Discus Media, LLC) with the present trademark was founded in year 2000 after few restructurings to be up to the challenge of changing technologies in geospatial data processing and providing and operated until 2014 when the map publishers was shut down due to economical challenges. The recent corporate body, the North-Western Mapping Center Company (LLC, established in 2008 as an affiliate of Discus Media LLC) pays more attention to new media, including mobile applications. It logistically supports the e-commerce solutions with maps on demand and various office/interior wall maps

Exclusive and all-inclusive cartographic services

Our profile in general is geospatial data, mobility management data services and wall maps. Our corporate customers can widely be found among various municipal institutions, inside the urban planning sector, transportation authorities and operators and elsewhere the geospatial and reference data is required. Although any basic GIS data can be considered cross functional and multi-purpose, majority of our products contains special features making them mostly suitable for reference systems, land-use (master plan) and transit planning, car navigation.

We work to produce map data and prepare it for enjoyment in various applications, both created by our own or in sundry partnerships. Much of our products are used in different digital applications, which are available to the public through the internet. Our “hard copies” variety includes maps on demand (MOD), deluxe gift publications and printed quality travel mass products.

Through possessing a many-year experience in producing mass transit system maps, we had created and developed a cross-sectoral solution that allows building and supporting a flexible geospatial model of any such system irrespectively of its extent and modal split. This solution makes possible preparing and conducting specific data for different evaluation models or working systems like passenger carrier operators or transit service providers, with an almost absolute guarantee of errors non-replenishment that is very critical in frequently changing systems like municipal public transport.

Generally our company profile is the combination of the following key services:

  • Produce and delivery of detailed geospatial data for urban planning, car navigation, mass transit development, business logistics, etc. Besides the basic layers the data contains special thematic layers and points of interest (POI);
  • Mass transit systems cartographic support: database modeling of a system and rapid intellectual editing/update, allowing linking a system’s topology and timetable building and maintenance to an integer;
  • Map-on-demand printing with or without customization: cities, towns and municipalities of the Russian northwest regions (Arkhangelskaya, Leningradskaya, Murmanskaya, Novgorodskaya, Pskovskaya and Vologodskaya oblasts; Republic of Carelia and Federal city of Saint Petersburg);
  • Historical maps digital recovery and printing on demand;

To get known more about our services and products (pages in Russian) and see the illustrations we recommend using the Promt’s Translate.Ru online service, offering probably the highest possible standard of a machine translation from Russian.

Business cooperation opportunities

We are open for cooperation in connection with any branch of our business profile in mapping, geospatial data processing or travel reference. Our portfolio contains services and products done for or created together with companies from Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Japan, Latvia, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States besides of course miscellaneous customers and partners in Russia.

Contact us

  • by e-mail to[at];
  • by phone/fax +7 812 322 9860 (Moscow time, GMT+3/GMT+4);
  • by mail to: Prospekt Obukhovskoy Oborony 51-K, RU-192029, Saint Petersburg, Russia.